My experience during Google Summer of Code 23


I have recently completed my Google Summer of Code (GSoC). The experience was really good. I contributed to the ScummVM organization, and I was able to join the ScummVM team even after completion. In this blog, I intend to describe my work and experience during Google Summer of Code.

In short, the day-to-day work looked like this:

  1. Mention that you have started working and give any updates.
  2. Asking questions or clarification during work.
  3. Think, research, and write code.
  4. At the end of the week, write a blog on

One interesting thing was that you not only communicated with your respective mentors, but other contributors too. They join the chat as well and give their suggestions or answered the questions they knew. Specific parts of ScummVM's codebase were known more by specific people. For the Android part of my project, I had to discuss it with another contributor who helped me with suggestions and even contributed to the code themselves.

Overall, being part of a community where people are passionate about improving ScummVM and preserving the games they liked was an extremely great experience.