Accepted in Google Summer of Code 2023 - ScummVM


Hi, I am Ankush Dutt, and very glad to announce that I have been accepted as a contributor in Google Summer of Code 2023. The organization that I have applied to is ScummVM, which is a program that allows us to run certain games on it by only using their data files (no executables is required). It consists of interpreters (re-implemented game engines) for various games. ScummVM replaces the executables shipped with the game with its corresponding interpreter.

My project for this summer is - Automated system for packaging freeware games with ScummVM. There are two main objectives for this project: help create standalone game packages bundled with SummVM, and implement a new mechanism to let users download and install freeware games directly from the ScummVM launcher.

I hope to have an exciting summer and learn a lot about software packaging and automation.